Boudoir and Intimate Photo Sessions

Celebrate You!

Capture the essence of Florida's sunshine and the vibrant energy of St. Augustine with a swimsuit, bikini or outdoor boudoir photo session on our breathtaking beaches.

Sunrise Beach
The Ultimate Outdoor
Boudoir Photo Session

Indoor Boudoir Photo Sessions

Where Sensuality Meets Confidence. The empowering experience of intimate boudoir photography.

Mentally & Emotionally:

  • Set your intentions: What do you hope to achieve with this session? Self-love, empowerment, a gift for someone special? Knowing your “why” helps guide your choices.
  • Embrace body positivity: This might be a journey, not a destination. Challenge negative self-talk and focus on appreciating your unique body.
  • Communicate openly: Discuss your comfort levels, boundaries, and any concerns with your photographer beforehand.
  • Have a friend or significant other attend for confidence and comfort. It is also great to have an extra set of eyes for details and ideas. Conversation with someone you know will help look natural and relaxed.


  • Schedule self-care: Pamper yourself with baths, massages, or spa treatments leading up to the session.
  • Exfoliate & moisturize: Prep your skin for a healthy glow with gentle exfoliation and regular moisturizing.
  • Consider hair removal or a go native: For hair removal allow enough time for any irritation to subside.
  • Plan your outfits: Select pieces that make you feel confident and beautiful, experimenting with different fabrics and styles.
  • Discuss hair & makeup: Decide whether you’ll do it yourself or hire a professional.
  • If on location, pack essentials: Bring comfy clothes for travel, snacks, water, touch-up makeup, and any specific items your photographer suggests.


  • It’s about you: This is your experience, so prioritize your comfort and preferences above all else.
  • Communicate clearly: Don’t hesitate to voice your needs and ask questions throughout the process.
  • Relax and have fun! This is a chance to celebrate yourself, so embrace the experience and enjoy the journey.

Additional Tips:

  • Consider bringing inspirational photos or mood boards to share your vision with the photographer.
  • Discuss lighting and backdrops beforehand to create the desired atmosphere.
  • Pack calming music or aromatherapy items to set the mood during the session.
  • Focus on feeling beautiful and enjoying the moment.

I hope this helps you prepare for a Boudoir and Intimate Photo Session that empowers and celebrates you!