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Modeling photo sessions in St. Augustine Florida. Affordable, professional and quick turn around make St Augustine Portraits your best choice to get started in modeling. Improve your existing portfolio with new headshots, full body shots, swimsuit, fashion, commercial, smiles and natural outdoor shots.

Modeling Portfolio

Your modeling portfolio should include a variety of shots.
First Impressions Matter: Your portfolio is often the first impression you make on potential clients and agencies, so it’s crucial to showcase your best self. Professional photos taken by a skilled photographer can elevate your look and highlight your natural beauty and versatility.
Instead of heavy makeup and artificial edits, showcase your true potential with my natural on-location photography. Ditching the disguise allows modeling agencies to envision you in diverse scenarios, accurately conveying your unique essence to potential clients. Remember, they seek the real you, not a masked version, to maximize your modeling possibilities.
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Modeling Photo Sessions

Composition and expression:

  • Framing: Close-up framing that fills the frame with your head and shoulders is typical. Consider including some variety, like a three-quarter view or profile shot, to showcase your versatility.
  • Expression: A friendly and approachable expression is ideal, but you can also experiment with different emotions depending on your desired brand and the type of modeling you pursue. Maintain natural-looking eye contact with the camera.

Additional tips:

  • Makeup: While natural beauty is emphasized, subtle makeup can enhance your features without looking excessive.
  • Hairstyle: Keep your hair neat and styled in a way that flatters your face shape and features.
  • Multiple looks: Consider having a few headshots with different expressions, outfits, and hairstyles to showcase your range.

The headshot is also know as the Beauty Shot or the Clean Headshot.

Full-Length Body Shot

Composition and expression:

  • Form-fitting clothing: Clothing that skims your body without being overly tight or baggy is recommended. This allows viewers to assess your proportions accurately. Avoid busy patterns or excessive accessories that distract from your figure.
  • Posture: Stand tall and maintain good posture with relaxed shoulders and a confident stance. Avoid slouching or awkward positions.
  • Expression: A natural and neutral expression is generally preferred, but you can explore different emotions based on your brand and modeling niche.

Additional tips:

  • Variety: Consider including multiple full-length shots in different poses and outfits to showcase your versatility. You can experiment with standing, walking, or interacting with props in a subtle way.

Swimsuit Shot

Composition and expression:

  • Focus on fit and form: The primary purpose is to showcase how the swimsuit fits and flatters your physique. Choose well-fitting suits that neither reveal excessively nor hide your figure completely.
  • Variety of poses: Include a mix of standing, walking, sitting, or interacting with props in subtle ways to demonstrate movement and comfort.
  • Confident expressions: Maintain a natural and confident expression, avoiding overly suggestive or provocative poses.
  • Angles and close-ups: Consider incorporating some close-up shots showcasing specific details of the swimsuit or your physique, but keep them tasteful and professional.

Additional tips:

  • Target audience: Remember who you’re trying to reach. For commercial modeling, prioritize clean and approachable looks. For fitness brands, you might showcase more active poses.
  • Professionalism: Avoid overly revealing poses or excessive skin showing. Maintain a professional and respectful presentation throughout.
  • Hairstyle and makeup: Keep hair and makeup natural and beachy, or sleek and styled depending on the desired aesthetic. Avoid heavy makeup or overly revealing clothing.
  • Multiple suits: Consider including shots in different swimsuit styles and colors to showcase your versatility and range.

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Editorial Fashion Shot

Concept and Storytelling:

  • Narrative focus: Unlike standard portfolio shots, an editorial shot prioritizes a strong concept or narrative. This could be inspired by a particular theme, emotion, or artistic vision.
  • Collaborative spirit: Editorial shots often involve collaboration between photographers, stylists, makeup artists, and models to bring the creative vision to life.
  • Emotional connection: The goal is to evoke emotions or reactions in the viewer, beyond simply showcasing the clothing. Think bold, moody, whimsical, or anything that fits the theme.

Visual Style and Technique:

  • Experimental freedom: Editorial shoots allow for more creative freedom with lighting, composition, and poses. Experiment with unconventional angles, movement, and props to enhance the story.
  • Unique aesthetics: Lighting can be dramatic, playful, or natural depending on the desired mood. Play with color palettes, textures, and backgrounds to create a distinct visual style.
  • Fashion as a character: The clothing takes center stage, often styled in a unique or unconventional way to further the narrative and theme. Think statement pieces, avant-garde combinations, or dramatic accessories.

Examples and Tips:

  • Think magazine spreads: Imagine your shot gracing the pages of a high-fashion magazine. What story would it tell in that context?
  • Find inspiration: Look at fashion editorials in Vogue, Elle, or other publications to understand the genre’s conventions and explore diverse concepts.
  • Showcase your range: Editorial shots can demonstrate your versatility as a model by adapting to different characters, emotions, and artistic visions.
  • Start small: You don’t need a huge team for an editorial shot. Collaborate with creative friends or photographers to experiment and build your portfolio.

Commercial Shot

Function and Focus:

  • Product focus: The primary goal is to highlight a specific product in this modeling photo session – clothing, cosmetics, food, electronics, etc. You become the visual embodiment of the product’s appeal and functionality.
  • Acting element: Unlike editorial shots, commercial shots often involve demonstrating emotions and interacting with the product. Think smiling while holding a phone, laughing with friends enjoying a beverage, or expressing surprise at a makeup result.
  • Versatility: Strong commercial shots showcase your ability to adapt to different scenarios and emotions, demonstrating range for various advertising campaigns.

Technical Aspects and Composition:

  • Clean and inviting: Lighting and background should be clear and clutter-free, allowing the product to be the central focus.
  • Natural expression: Maintain a natural and engaging expression, aligning with the product’s intended emotions and target audience.
  • Dynamic poses: Consider incorporating movement and interaction with the product to create a more engaging image.
  • Multiple scenarios: Include shots showcasing the product in different settings and contexts, demonstrating its versatility.

Tips and Considerations:

  • Target audience: Understand the product’s intended audience and tailor your expression and pose accordingly. A children’s toy ad might require a playful smile, while a luxury watch campaign might call for sophistication.
  • Brand awareness: Research the brand and product to understand their specific aesthetic and values, ensuring your portrayal aligns with their image.
  • Professionalism: Maintain a professional demeanor throughout the shoot, even if expressing playful emotions. Remember, you’re representing both yourself and the brand.
  • Portfolio balance: Include commercial shots alongside other types in your portfolio to showcase your range and cater to diverse modeling opportunities.

Smiling Shot

Work in the Smiling Shot

  • Friendly and approachable: A warm smile makes you appear friendly and approachable, ideal for commercial and print modeling.
  • Authentic charm: A genuine smile can add personality and charm to your headshot, making you stand out from the crowd.
  • Variety is key: Consider including both closed-mouth smiles and genuine smiles with teeth showing to demonstrate versatility.
  • Boosts confidence: Smiling can also project confidence and comfort in your own skin, which is an important message to convey in swimsuit shots.
  • Authenticity matters: Forced smiles rarely look natural, so focus on genuine expressions that reflect your personality and comfort level.
  • Radiates confidence: A confident smile can add energy and positivity to your shots, showcasing your personality alongside your physique.
  • Experiment with emotions: Explore different smile intensities depending on the desired mood. A subtle smile can be elegant, while a wider smile can exude vibrancy.

Remember a genuine smile will make your next modeling photo session a success!

Strong Closing Shot

Impact and Memorable:

  • Visually striking: Choose a shot that stands out visually, whether through its composition, lighting, expression, or unique concept. It should linger in the viewer’s mind long after they finish browsing your portfolio.
  • Showcases versatility: Don’t just repeat a similar style or pose from earlier shots. Ideally, your closing image should showcase a different side of your range and capabilities as a model.
  • Elevates your brand: Align the closing shot with your overall brand identity and desired career path. If you want to be known for high fashion, choose a sophisticated and elegant shot. If you specialize in commercial work, opt for an energetic and engaging image.

Specific Shot Ideas:

  • Confident pose: A full-body shot with a powerful posture and confident expression can leave a strong impression.
  • Emotional connection: A close-up capturing a specific emotion, like joy, sadness, or determination, can showcase your acting abilities and range.
  • Action shot: A dynamic image showcasing movement and energy can be visually striking and memorable.
  • High-fashion editorial: If your portfolio leans towards high fashion, a dramatic or artistic editorial shot can be a fitting conclusion.


  • Consider your audience: Tailor your closing shot to the type of modeling work you’re pursuing and the audience you’re trying to reach.
  • Leave them wanting more: The final image should pique the viewer’s interest and leave them wanting to explore your portfolio further.
  • Don’t overthink it: Ultimately, the best closing shot is one that feels genuine and authentic to you.

Clear Natural Image

Forget heavy makeup that conceals your true self.
Instead, let’s create clear, natural images that showcase your raw potential for modeling agencies. It’s all about expressing emotions, not just posing perfectly. Think captivating glances and heart-stopping expressions that make viewers scroll back in awe.
Remember, modeling is storytelling through your face and body. I’ll guide you to embody emotions and strike poses that make you stand out from the crowd.
And once you land that booking? Don’t wait!** Practice your newfound skills** and reach out for personalized wardrobe and posing tips.
Modeling is challenging, yes, but when you embrace its fun, it can be an incredibly rewarding journey. Let’s embark on it together!

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