Photo Session Checklist

Photo Sessions

Wardrobe changes make the session. Please think of my photo sessions as a fashion show and you are a runway supermodel. I use big powerful lights to make you pop from the background.

  • Important to Overpack so I can choose color options to contrast the background
  • If you have no modeling experience it helps to bring an assistant
  • Do quick hairstyle changes throughout session
  • Bring small props like eyeglasses, a book or a drink cup


  • Start packing a bag days ahead of session
  • Feel free to contact me with ideas or questions
  • No need to go shopping 😊 bring what you have

Not all the items below apply to all sessions

  • Formal Clothing 1-3 dresses (colorful and flow smoothly)
  • Casual Tops 3-4 (colorful and flow smoothly)
  • Casual Bottoms 1-2 shorts, 1-2 pants, 1-2 short skirts
  • Swimsuits 2-4 colorful, 1 black (smooth, close fit and non-bunching)
  • Swimsuits (with coverup) 1 skin color or 1 white (smooth, close fit and non-bunching)
  • Maternity clothes 1-2 dresses, 1-2 open front dresses (should be colorful, loose and flowing)
  • Undergarments should be unnoticeable, smooth, close fit and a non-bunching. Color should be nude or same as out garment (unnoticeable)


  • Casual shoes, sandals, flops, boots
  • Jewelry should be light and inconspicuous
  • Large and small hats

Hair and Makeup for Outdoor Sessions

  • Bring Setting Powder to reduce shiny skin
  • Makeup should be a minimal natural look (clear lip-gloss and mascara)
  • Bring the normal makeup you would wear and a small mirror
  • Hairbrush, hair bands or clips to put your hair up
  • Bring a cloth to dab perspiration
  • Thick makeup is bad. It creates a plastic look that cannot be removed by computer

Wardrobe, Ladies

  • Tops should show off Cleavage, Shoulders, Collar Bone and Armpits
  • Priority on tops; Spaghetti Strap, Off Shoulder, Deep V, Strapless

Wardrobe Colors – Sunrise at the Marineland Beach

Wardrobe Colors – Sundown at the Lewis Point Park



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