Free Photo Sessions

My name is Tom McConnell and I am a St. Augustine photographer. To build my portfolio I am currently offering free photo sessions to invitees. If I have contacted you recently please take advantage of this offer before it ends.

Photo sessions normally take about an hour. A model release is required to allow me to use the photos of you on my website and social media.

  • To get started click the Model Release button. I will contact you shortly to schedule photo session
  • Hair, Makeup, Clothing & Accessories (important for great photos)
  • Posing (this is the fun stuff)
  • Props (thing to enhance the experience)
  • Locations (another decision)
  • Appointments
  • COVID-19 (no fun)

The purpose of a portrait is to memorialize a person for the future. Portraits can show beauty, virtue, taste, learning, power, wealth or other qualities.