Pack a Bag

  • Cloth or towel to dab perspiration from face and body
  • Setting Powder (to reduce flashback and shine)
  • Phone with poses (print for convenience)
  • Small ground blanket or large towel to sit on (solid dark colors preferred)


  • Big, full, and flowing
  • Bring a few of your favorite hats


  • Please wear a NATURAL makeup look that will reduce flashback and shine
  • Please bring Setting Powder in case we need to reduce flashback and shine
  • Please bring your normal makeup for touch up (if required)

Clothing (good practice)

Wear/bring clothing that compliments your skin tone and fits you well. If you are comfortable in it, odds are you will shoot very well in it. Busy prints are not recommended”. Please try not to let under garments create noticeable bumps or ridges that may cast shadows from lighting. Smooth clothing is very important to create beautiful photographs. Your clothes should flow over your body, not restrict it.

  • Tops that show off your neck, shoulders and collarbone
  • Strapless bra, invisible bra or breast petals pasties
  • High heels are optional. The heels may sometimes help with posture and to accentuate curves. If you decide to bring any, know that they may get dirty or wet.
Please wear clothing that will show off your neck, collarbone and upper chest.

Clothing (ideas/options)

To make a beautiful pictures the lighting should cast soft shadows off your neck muscles, collar bone and upper chest.

  • Off shoulder tops
  • Spaghetti straps tops
  • Deep V neck with thin straps
  • Sun dress with thin straps
  • Mini dress with thin straps
  • Midi dress with thin straps
  • Rompers with thin straps
  • Body suite with thin straps
  • Two piece bathing suites
  • Bikini
  • Fish net over bikini or body suite
  • Shorts
  • Short shorts
  • Biker shorts
  • Capri pants
  • Blue jeans


Accessories are an option. If your outfit is going to be more extravagant wear smaller jewelry as an accent. If your outfit is going to be more simple, larger earrings or other jewelry can sometimes act as a statement piece, all the while enhancing your features.