Portrait Parties

Free Test Photo Session (limited time)

  • I have had this idea for some time and would love help putting together a test session


  • Three to four ladies
  • Have a small party and a photo session
  • Fashion format
  • Multiple wardrobe changes
  • Two to three hours
  • Photos must abide by Facebook and Instagram rules


Indoor Locations (preferred)

  • You provide the location (can be challenging)
  • Min 14′ by 20′ clear floor space
  • Conditioned Space for Warm Days
  • Unconditioned Space is fine for Cold Days
  • Any space large enough you can get permission to use
  • No public interaction or distraction
  • I will need to approve location (send pics and measurements of clear floor space)
  • I would prefer less than an hour drive from St Augustine South
  • A backdrop on stand may be used
  • Home
  • Guest house
  • Barn (clean floor)
  • Garage (clean floor)
  • Workshop (clean floor)
  • Studio (dance, fitness, yoga)

Outdoor Location (options)

  • Marineland Beach (starts at nautical sunrise)
  • Lewis Point Park (starts 2 1/2 hours before civil sunset)

Please text ideas

  • 904-794-4500

Last update

  • 2022-01-27
  • 10:40 pm