Professional Portrait Photographer

Hi, I’m Tom McConnell

I consider my style a “Shoot by Eye” sort of like a musician that may “Play by Ear”.

As a pre-teen I worked with film. That’s right, actual one hundred foot rolls of film my Dad and I rolled into 35mm canisters for his Konica SLR camera. We developed film and used an enlarger to project the negative image onto Kodak paper. The paper was dipped into developer, stop bath and fixer to create pictures. Boy was happy when the Digital DSLR cameras came out!

Presently I shoot a Canon EOS R6 Full-frame mirrorless camera. The full frame sensor captures most of the lens capabilities and the Canon image processors have great color. Over the years I have owned many digital cameras including Nikon and Agfa.

Getting the subject in focus is a minimum requirement for a good picture. Composition makes it great!. Your eye must consider the color, brightness, distance, highlights and dark spots in the background. On location I try to eliminate background distractions as much as possible. This may be accomplished simply by moving the camera slightly or by closing the aperture or applying a filter to darken the background. There are limitations to this as the depth of field must always be considered.

Lighting is everything. I use strobe flash, softbox, color and other light modifiers to create superior lighting. After manipulating the background with the camera, lighting takes over to illuminate the subject. I prefer to use softboxes; however this sometimes is not possible when the wind  is over 10 mph. I light you from many angles depending on your placement and pose. I also use a loupe magnifier between shots to inspect images for bad shadows, highlights or other descractions.

Clients come to St Augustine and Palm Coast from Ponte Vedra, Jacksonville Beach, Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach, Hasting, Palatka and Surrounding areas for exceptional portrait photography.

Please browse the galleries on this website to see what all the fuss is about.

Photo Session Process