Session Flow and Preparation

Beach at Marineland and Lewis Pont Park in St Augustine South


Female Wardrobe

  • We will go over wardrobe about 10 days out from photo session
  • Please see the Photo Session Checklist then layout your choices and send me pictures for review
  • I will circle and return the best options
  • I will also let you know which outfit is the best to start session with
  • Please choose the clothes that match your personality
  • Add in some fun focal points such as boots, wraps and hats
  • Please bring a few tops that show off your shoulders, collar bone, cleavage, armpits and belly button
  • Clothing should be thin and smooth so it hugs or flows over your body
  • Undergarments should be unnoticeable, smooth, close fit and a non-bunching
  • BAD Colors for outdoor sessions are greens and browns
  • BAD Textures are ruffles, excessive folds and thick padding
  • The Session Checklist has a list of items to bring
  • Start packing a bag days ahead of session
  • Feel free to contact me with ideas or questions
  • No need to go shopping bring what you have
  • Important to Overpack so I can choose color options to contrast the background
  • If you have no modeling experience it helps to bring an assistant
  • Do quick hairstyle changes throughout session
  • Bring small props like eyeglasses, a book or a drink cup

Sunrise Beach Photo Session Flow

Sunrise Beach Sessions

Sunrise Beach Sessions run 1.5 to 3 hours (average is 2)

Wardrobe Changes
Most girls change 2 to 6 times (average is 4). The shoot location is normally fairly close to the bathhouse. Some models swap suits right on beach when doing a fashion session.

Sun Low to Rising

  • Portrait or fashion type posing on rocks and beach
  • Swimsuit with with the sun shining through sheer wraps (I bring a few)
  • 1 to 3 wardrobe changes (average is 2)

Sun Up

  • Swimsuit on the rocks, beach or the water
  • Beach sessions can also be action posing such as dance and fitness
  • 1 to 3 wardrobe changes (average is 2)

Images on location

Sundown Park Photo Session Flow

Sundown Park Sessions


Sundown Park Sessions run 1 to 2 hours (average is 1.5)

Wardrobe Changes
Most girls change 1 to 3 times (average is 2). The shoot location will be close to your vehicle for changing.

Sun Up and Bright

  • Standing, learning on a tree, sitting (I bring chair) and on ground (bring blanket)
  • Action such as dance, fitness or other action shots
  • 1 to 2 wardrobe changes

Sun Low to Sun Setting

  • The second half of session can be in front of marsh or on a fallen tree
  • The marsh is great for portraits if the sun shines behind you creating nice rim lighting for hair
  • The tree is great for body posing. There is limited space and you should be fit to climb and pose on tree.
  • 1 to 2 wardrobe changes

Images on location


  • Don’t worry about this too much, I bring a tablet with examples and guide you
  • Please see Top Model
  • Please see Flow posing

Let’s turn your photo sessions into an artistic exploration! Imagine each one as a unique scene, where you’re the captivating centerpiece. While not every shoot demands a full runway production, meticulous preparation is key to capturing magic.

Explore Tom McConnell’s portfolio of portrait photography and discover how he reveals the beauty of his subjects on St. Augustine nature’s stage. Specializing in authentic portrait photography and natural editing for modeling, fashion, swimsuit, wraps, dance, ballet, fitness, athletes, music and art.


Though we might have a limited mobility due to my lighting setup, we can play with camera angles to transform the background like a chameleon. And don’t underestimate the power of wardrobe! Each outfit becomes a brushstroke, adding layers of personality and mood to your photographic canvas.