St. Augustine High School Senior Beach Portrait Photo Session

St. Augustine High School Senior Beach Portrait Photo Session


Make your St. Augustine high school senior year unforgettable with unique portraits! St. Augustine’s authentic portrait photographer captures your personality and style. Book photo session today!

Beach Senior Portrait Session, Capture Your Coastal Cool
The salty breeze whispers through your hair, the sun paints the sky with fiery hues, and the vast ocean stretches out before you. This isn’t just another beach trip – it’s the backdrop for your unforgettable senior portraits!

Embrace the Relaxed Vibe:
Ditch the stiffness of a studio and let the beach be your canvas. We’ll capture candid moments of you laughing with the waves, strolling along the shore, or simply soaking up the coastal atmosphere. Whether you’re a barefoot beach bum or a surfer catching the perfect wave, your personality will shine through.

Natural Beauty, Amplified:
Golden hour light is a photographer’s dream, and the beach offers it in abundance. These warm tones will flatter your features and create a sense of effortless beauty. We’ll utilize the natural textures of sand, driftwood, and seagrass to add depth and dimension to your photos.

Wardrobe Options for Every Style:
Whether you envision a flowy maxi dress for a touch of elegance, a sporty swimsuit showcasing your active side, or a pair of ripped jeans and a t-shirt for a casual vibe, the beach offers endless possibilities. We’ll collaborate to choose outfits that make you feel confident and comfortable, reflecting your unique style.

Memories that Last a Lifetime:
These portraits are more than just photographs – they’re a snapshot of a pivotal time in your life. They’ll capture the carefree spirit of youth, the excitement of new beginnings, and the beauty of the natural world.

Sun-kissed Glow:
We’ll shoot as the golden hour bathes the beach in a warm, flattering light. Your skin will have a natural, healthy radiance as the waves lap at the shore.

Dynamic Poses:
Forget stiff, posed shots. We’ll capture you laughing, twirling in the sand, or confidently walking along the waterline, reflecting your personality in every frame.

Coastal Chic Style:
Wear a flowy sundress that dances in the breeze, a denim jacket for a touch of cool, or simply your favorite swimsuit to showcase your confidence.

Natural Backdrops:
We’ll utilize the natural beauty of the beach – driftwood sculptures, colorful umbrellas, dramatic rock formations – to create unique and stunning portraits.

Candid Moments:
We’ll capture those genuine smiles and carefree moments that truly represent you. Whether it’s throwing your head back in laughter or deep in thought gazing at the vast horizon, we’ll document your authentic self.

High School Senior Posing With Raised Arms

High School Senior Posing With Raised Arms


Build lasting memories & timeless photos at Marineland Beach. Your teen’s senior year deserves a stunning backdrop.

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