Art Photo Sessions

Fashion, Posing, Dance, Ballet, Fitness, Athletes, Music and Art

Affordable High Quality Photos

Daytime Park Art Photo Session

Daytime Park Art Photo Session Price

  • $50 Limited Time
  • Some experience required
  • Best Light Before Sundown

Available Themes

  • Fashion and Posing
  • Dance and Ballet
  • Fitness and Athletes
  • Music and Art
  • Some Experience RequiredSee Themes


  • Images on location
  • Background of grass, trees and marsh
  • Wardrobe changes in your vehicle
  • Parking
  • Public park
  • 3506 Shore Dr, St. Augustine, FL 32086
  • MAP

Session Description and Terms

  • $50.00 non-refundable retainer required up front to hold session date
  • Retainer will pay for the session
  • No more money is due unless you buy additional photos
  • 1 hour session (may run long)
  • Pose examples and guidance
  • You may bring a friend to assist
  • Photographer chooses photos (you get these)
  • You may purchase additional photos from session for $10 each
  • You may reschedule if session is canceled by me for bad weather or other reason
  • Model release required
  • Watermarks on photos
  • Credit/Debit Card Only
  • Pricing and terms are for a limited time and subject to change

Session Themes

While booking you will be asked to choose a main theme:
You may also choose an additional theme (optional).

  • Fashion and Posing – Artistic and fashion posing
    • Wardrobe and subtle hairstyle changes
    • Some experience posing I can review online
  • Dance and Ballet – Pose in ways that show off your talent
    • Dance outfit should show off your muscles and physique
    • Some experience in dance or sports cheer I can review online
  • Fitness and Athletes – Pose in ways that accentuate muscle structure
    • Fitness outfit should show off your muscles and physique
    • Some experience in cheerleading, fitness, muscle training or athletics I can review online
  • Music and Art – Pose with musical instrument or creating art
    • Formal dresses
    • Shorts, jeans, blouse or casual clothes
    • Some experience I can review online

Session Makeup and Wardrobe

Natural Makeup

  • Makeup for an outdoor photo session should be a natural look
  • Clear lip gloss and mascara will do just fine
  • Please no painted eyebrows to start. You may apply later in session
  • Please bring your normal makeup for later in session
  • Bring setting powder to knock down shinny skin. Do not apply unless required after test shots

Female Wardrobe

  • We will go over wardrobe about 10 days out from photo session
  • Please see the Photo Session Checklist then layout your choices and send me pictures for review
  • I will circle and return the best options
  • I will also let you know which outfit is the best to start session with
  • Please choose the clothes that match your personality
  • Add in some fun focal points such as boots, wraps and hats
  • Please bring a few tops that show off your shoulders, collar bone, cleavage, armpits and belly button
  • Clothing should be thin and smooth so it hugs or flows over your body
  • Undergarments should be unnoticeable, smooth, close fit and a non-bunching
  • BAD Colors for outdoor sessions are greens and browns
  • BAD Textures are ruffles, excessive folds and thick padding
High quality professional pictures for your modeling, fashion, swimsuit, dance, ballet, fitness, athletes, music and art portfolio.

Additional Art Photo Session Information

Who Have I Worked With

I have photographed girls who have preformed at these institutions:

  • The Florida Ballet
    Professional Ballet Company
  • NBA Orlando Magic
    The 407 Hip-Hop Dance Team
  • IFL Jacksonville Sharks
    Jacksonville Sharks Attack Dance Team
  • Florida Atlantic University
    Owls Cheerleading

Some Experience Required

Some Experience RequiredPlease see Themes

Art Photo Sessions are for you to experience modeling and for me to improve my portfolio.
Some experience or natural ability is required for Art Photo Sessions.
Contact me if you are unsure about this or would like me to review your social media.

What are Art Photo Sessions?

Art photo sessions are a type of portrait photography that focuses on capturing the unique personality and creativity of the subject.
Art photographers often use creative lighting, posing, and composition to create images that are both beautiful and meaningful.

Can I Bring a Friend?

Yes, you can bring a friend to your art photo session.
I encourage it, in fact!
Having a friend there can help you feel more comfortable and confident, and it can also lead to more creative and interesting photos.

Why Should I Participate?

Art photo sessions offer a unique opportunity to work with a professional photographer, experience posing, and receive high-quality photos.
Art photographers are skilled at capturing the beauty and creativity of their subjects, and they can help you create truly stunning images.

Compare Photo Sessions

Feature Standard Modeling Art
Choose Your Theme Yes Portfolio Limited
Choose Your Wardrobe Yes Yes Limited
Makeup Your choice Your choice Natural
Number of People Multiple One  One
Who Picks Favorites You You Photographer
Included Photos 20 12 Photographers Choice
Purchase Additional Photos Yes Yes Yes
Booking Days Out 75 75 Varies
Experience Required None Some Some