FREE, Collaboration and TFP Photo Sessions

TFP Sessions

TFP Session Details

TFP Sessions
Experience Required Yes
Session Length (hours) 1 to 3
People Included Session Varies
Each Additional Person $0
Multiple Wardrobe Changes Yes
Choose Your Theme Varies
Makeup Natural Preferred
Who Picks Favorite Photos Photographer
Included Favorite Photos Photog Pics
Purchase Additional Photos Yes
Model release
is required for each person in photos
on photos

Varies – Photographers choice or we will discuss.

Photog Pics – You will get all of these and you may purchase any photos I do not pick.

About Photo Session

  • Occasionally I offer TFP (FREE) photo sessions to improve my portfolio

Session Perks

  • Exceptional lighting skills
  • Exceptional photo editing and retouching
  • Pose examples and guidance
  • Session preparation guidance
  • Free phone consultation

Additional Photo Session Terms

  • I do not pay models
  • You may reschedule if session is canceled by me for bad weather or other reason
  • Model release required for each person in photos
  • Watermarks on photos
  • Body reshaping is extra
  • All pricing and terms subject to change

Photographers Favorite Locations

Other Locations

Multiple Locations

  • Additional locations are at my hourly rate starting from leaving the first location to leaving the last location
  • In other words it’s the price of a session plus all the time for the additional locations

Duval, Flagler, Putnam and Clay Counties

  • $100 travel fee
  • $50 non refundable retainer required


  • Included photos are per session not per person
  • $10 Each additional photo
  • Single point of contact for payment and picking favorite photos
  • $30 Each additional point of contact
  • Credit/Debit Card Only

All Photo Session Options

Collaboration Photo Sessions

Inexpensive Art Photo Sessions may work for collaborations.

FREE Photo Sessions

Presently I do NOT do FREE Photo Sessions.

  • 2020 – 2022 I did free Photo Sessions to build my portfolio
  • January 2023 I started charging for photo sessions
  • If you have exceptional talent please fill out the Photo Session Questionnaire to apply for a TFP session

What is TFP

TFP stands for Time For Prints (or sometimes Trade For Prints) and refers to a collaborative photoshoot where both the photographer and model (or other involved parties) exchange their time and skills.


For the photographer:

  • Build your portfolio: Gain experience and showcase your skills by creating high-quality images
  • Experiment and refine: Try new techniques, lighting setups, and compositions in a low-risk environment
  • Collaborate creatively: Work with other passionate individuals and bounce ideas off each other


For the model:

  • Get professional photos: Build your portfolio with stunning images taken by a skilled photographer
  • Expand your modeling experience: Work with different photographers and styles, improving your posing and confidence

How To Save

  • Split a session with friends
  • Have a portrait party

See photo sessions for all options.

Ways Around Paying

Ways Around Paying :

  • Request and advertiser to pay me for a modeling gig
  • Have your significant other or parents buy you a gift

Why Don’t You Do Free Photo Sessions

The reason I do not do FREE sessions:

  • I have decades of experience and professional equipment
  • There are plenty of inexperienced photographers doing free sessions to choose from
  • If you have exceptional talent please fill out the Photo Session Questionnaire to apply for a TFP session