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Collaboration Photo Sessions

TFP Photo Sessions

What is TFP

TFP stands for Time For Prints (or sometimes Trade For Prints) and refers to a collaborative photoshoot where both the photographer and model (or other involved parties) exchange their time and skills.


For the photographer:

  • Build your portfolio: Gain experience and showcase your skills by creating high-quality images
  • Experiment and refine: Try new techniques, lighting setups, and compositions in a low-risk environment
  • Collaborate creatively: Work with other passionate individuals and bounce ideas off each other


For the model:

  • Get professional photos: Build your portfolio with stunning images taken by a skilled photographer
  • Expand your modeling experience: Work with different photographers and styles, improving your posing and confidence

Ways Around Paying

Ways Around Paying :

  • Request and advertiser to pay me for a modeling gig
  • Have your significant other or parents buy you a gift

How To Save

Why No Free

The reason I do not do FREE sessions:

  • I have decades of experience and professional equipment
  • There are plenty of inexperienced photographers doing free sessions to choose from
  • I offer Art Photo Sessions for those who truly want to experience a photo session to improve their portfolio.
  • Retainers are mandatory (no exceptions).